Avoid downtime

Expertly crafted IT Solutions.

Managed Services

These programs give you 100% peace of mind with a fixed monthly cost that is geared to your budget – no surprises!!

With our managed services programs, we take the time to meet with you to perform a comprehensive IT audit to understand everything about your infrastructure. Once we have this information, we are better positioned to give you a proper quote to either manage all aspects of your infrastructure, or specific components of it, such as network security, backup and recovery programs and more. We provide 24 x 7 support for most major manufacturer’s technologies and are certified to work on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Google, plus a comprehensive array of network infrastructure devices – Managed Switches, Firewalls, Backup & Recovery solutions etc.

Security as a Service

An inexpensive way to ensure you have the most up to date network security in place is to utilize our Security as a Service program. This flexible, affordable subscription based service lets you detect and block a wide range of advanced and emerging threats, including Ransomware, intrusions, viruses, spyware, malware etc. This program gives you greater budgetary control by using opex dollars for a low monthly payment plan. All services are included in the monthly fee, so no surprises or unexpected cash outlays when there is a product failure.

Hardware Procurement

Over the years we have developed extensive buying power with the select vendors that we deal with. This enables us to provide highly competitive price quotes to our client base, no matter how large or how small they may be! These vendors cover the full spectrum of IT solution sets be it a new Server or PC, Laptop or Tablet we cover them all. Additionally, we can provide full Wireless solutions, Backup & Disaster recovery solutions and Network Security solutions.

Cloud Computing

Today, it seems that all technologies lead to the Cloud, be it Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Cloud backup, Cloud application services etc. We have been involved with Cloud computing solutions for a number of years and are in a position to provide well thought out strategies and directions for our client’s consideration.

Remedial Repair Services

Although technology is more reliable today than it ever has been, there are still times when your computer breaks down and needs some TLC. When that happens, we’re here to help! We carry warranty and non-warranty credentials from the major vendors that we deal with so can easily expedite any repair services as may be required. Based on warranty criteria, some vendors will do a hardware swap as opposed to a repair, but again, we can facilitate this for you and look after all of the necessary documentation that must be done – at no charge to you!

Solving the Technology Puzzle